Commercial Land in Hisaronu

Commercial Land in Hisaronu

Fethiye, Hisaronu

For Sale

£1,000,000 £1,100,000

  • 3F6C4FD2-9BDB-4698-AE0C-D7C27951BD1C
  • 73D9B6B2-C3D2-4B8A-8BD8-56E65DC9CC4B
  • E32EFE79-77FA-4CE5-B36B-0A2656B27B86
  • FBC02B18-D656-4DBE-9AA9-6BBA60B2A4D9
  • 3619CD5F-FC5B-4612-AB9B-60CBA7A0C657
  • 3EB602BC-F999-42A7-81EB-47FAFC408D63
  • 3EE5006D-C553-4EA0-803E-4DA644FD88DF
  • A105235F-EC00-4D4B-9014-DA0259BFB436
  • EF36FBB5-DED3-4133-9CEF-650DD475690B
  • 4959F8C8-1A8D-4A41-AE02-C374D2B8D64E
  • CF291A66-7858-46C7-9BF5-81036BCE9705
  • 26454011-C3A9-4F02-B908-35E98C685474
  • EA568F36-9CDE-4618-85DA-739440B243FE
  • F72E5F76-F7C1-4FA3-87B5-62E4BFB946B1
  • 6B9C5C8F-1188-4528-8E3D-71C52D2F810D
  • D5675637-A6E1-42F6-9459-7764A3338402
  • 6FC29631-094B-4A1A-B165-1A396149265D
  • B1E9882B-F105-4E9B-81F9-BD52244A288C
  • B7E25FDB-0F20-4804-BC39-C925371C1A83
  • BF148903-F108-4FBE-8949-A764F6497C9A

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8.615 sqm
Land sqm
8.615 sqm


Here is another of our commercial land in Ölüdeniz Hisaronu it’s only few minutes away from all local amenities and 10 minutes from the famous Ölüdeniz blue lagoon beach

Commercial land use is the use of land for commercial purposes including building offices, shops, resorts and restaurants. Apartment complexes are considered commercial land as it is land used to make money. Other examples are tenant home developments and resort or holiday rental property.

Any land use intended for profit-generating enterprises can be deemed commercial.

This is an ideal investment to buy a plot of commercial land in an ideal location.

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30 Years Fixed, 1.79% Interest
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