For sale 3 Bedroom Detached Villa in Uzumlu, Fethiye

For sale 3 Bedroom Detached Villa in Uzumlu, Fethiye

Fethiye, Uzumlu



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Year Built
170 sqm
Land sqm
750 sqm
air conditioning
Using status
Bank Credit
Credit available


We are pleased to offer this 3 bedroom bungalow is a beautiful property with a mountain backdrop is located in a rural setting near the quiet and pretty village of Uzumlu. The property is set on 750 sqm of land with a pool and an immaculate garden layout. There is also a stone carport and the property is surrounded by a stunning stone wall.

The entrance is large with direct access to the dining area and lounge, kitchen, communal cloakroom, and corridor, which leads to 3 double bedrooms each with a private en suite bathroom.

The lounge/dining area is a large room with plenty of natural light, there are patio doors that lead out to the terraced balcony, making this a great space for both relaxing and entertaining.

The kitchen is a good size and well equipped with ample, modern fitted cupboards and also has access to the terrace directly onto the pool area.

The cloakroom/WC is accessed from the entrance way and has space for both the washing machine and dryer.

Leading away from the entrance is a hallway that takes you to the 3 double bedrooms, each room is large enough to comfortably fit a double bed and any extra bedroom furniture required, the en suite bathrooms to all of these bedrooms are modern and well laid out with fixtures and fittings of a high standard.

Throughout the property there is underfloor and central heating, making this a cozy home throughout the winter months. For further details please get in touch with us

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Energy Performance

  • Energy Class: A+
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30 Years Fixed, 1.79% Interest
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