For sale 3 Bedroom Ground floor apartment in central Fethiye, Tuzla

For sale 3 Bedroom Ground floor apartment in central Fethiye, Tuzla

For sale 3 Bedroom Ground floor apartment in central Fethiye, Tuzla

Fethiye, Tuzla

For Sale


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Property ID :


Year Built
120 sqm
Land sqm
1560 sqm
air conditioning
Number of floors
Bank Credit
Credit available


This beautiful 3 bedroom ground floor apartment located just moments away from Fethiye’s beautiful Marina, this apartment is an absolute fantastic investment opportunity.

it’s situated in Tuzla area in central Fethiye, short walking distance to the Marina where you’ll find many restaurants and cafes to enjoy and soak up the stunning sea views.

There is also a great cycle path taking you to directly into Fethiye town center. Fethiye Town is just a short walking distance with all local amenities on your door step. The famous paspatur area is a favourite with tourists and locals alike to enjoy a nice meal and browse all the various boutiques and local produce.

This beautiful 3 bedroom ground floor apartment is ideal for both all year round living and would make for a great holiday base due to its close proximity to Fethiye.

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Energy Performance

  • Energy Class: A+
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Mortgage Calculator

30 Years Fixed, 1.79% Interest
  • Principle and Interest

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